Life Moves On.

If you’re a regular here, you may be wondering where I’ve been.

Poem: Because I liked you better

National Poetry Month Post: A. E. Housman's, (March 26, 1859 – April 30, 1936) poem, Because I liked you better, which referred to his "good friend" Moses 'Mo' Jackson.

Obsessed with Male Impersonator Nellie Kolle

Photo Obsession: A 1920s photograph of a Australian vaudeville performer who specialized in male impersonation roles, sparks a minor obsession to find out more about her.

Beautiful: Ted Shawn in Cosmic Dance of Siva

Featured Photo: Ted Shawn (21 October 1891 -- 9 January 1972), notable male pioneer of American modern dance.

St Trinian's 2 is Also Delightful

Late last year when I watched St. Trinian’s I was impatient to see St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold , after all, it had already come out on DVD in Europe. Well, now the sequel is finally available in North America; to a certain extent at least.

Was The FBI Afraid Rock Hudson Might Seduce Their Young Agents?

Gay History File: While going through the FBI’s new Vault, I re-discovered a file that I hadn’t read in awhile – Rock Hudson’s file. In this file the FBI expressed concern with Hudson’s “homosexual tendencies.”

Arrest Made in Interstate Lesbian Custody Case

Kidnapping Case Breakthrough In Long-running Miller-Jenkins Custody Battle As FBI Arrest Man in Connection With Aiding "Ex-lesbian" Lisa Miller, flee U.S. and Keep Daughter from Former Partner.