When Cultures Collide - A Review of 'Straightening Ali'

I just pulled an 'all nighter' reading a first time novel by Amjeed Kabil called "Straightening Ali" and I can still smell and taste the curry, see the beautiful clothing and feel the pain. From the very first chapter to the last, "Straightening Ali" struck me as a very rich story.

Exploring Venus Boyz

A few nights ago I happened to come across a copy of Gabrielle Baur's documentary, Venus Boyz and my mind is still spinning after having watched it.

Remembering Merv Griffin

Well, by now most people are aware that Merv Griffin passed away on Sunday, August 12th, due to a a recurrence of prostate cancer. He had just turned 82.

Eating Out 2 -- Sloppy Seconds Serves Up Serious Laughs

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds, serves up serious laughs with a big side of skewered ex-gays and sexual politics for dessert.

Hairspray Is BIG Fun at the Movies!

My partner and I went and saw Hairspray the movie last night and left with big grins on our faces and a big spring in our step!