A Short Review of Maurice (Film)

This week I finally watched Maurice - The Merchant Ivory Collection and now that I've seen it I have to wonder why I've never watched this rich and compelling film. Perhaps like Clive Durham, (who is played by Hugh Grant) I was a little scared of it; certainly, when it came out on film back in 1987 that would have been the case.

Remembering Frank

I'm kind of in a funk today. My partner Ian and I got word yesterday evening that our dear friend Frank Gurry, died in his sleep sometime very early yesterday morning or the evening before.

The Stats on Same-sex Couples in Canada are In

Statistics Canada released today a "family portrait" of Canadians using the third set of data from the 2006 Census.

Make Way for Mapp & Lucia on DVD!

Watching lousy movies are so "tarsome" as Georgie of the "Mapp & Lucia" series would say. Fortunately, I didn't just watch lousy musicals this week. I discovered to my great delight, the joys of Mapp and Lucia and a cast of eccentric English characters.

Anything Goes - Worst Film Adaptation of a Musical Ever?

I really loved seeing Cole Porter's Anything Goes at the Chemainus Theatre Festival recently (related post), so I was quite excited when I rented the 1956 film version of Anything Goes, starring Bing Crosby.

DC Activist Cheryl Spector Dies of Leukemia

WASHINGTON, DC (PRNewswire-USNewswire) -- Cheryl Ann Spector, well known in the Washington, DC area for her dedication to Gay, Lesbian and other humanitarian causes and for her archiving the history of the gay movement in America, died early today at George Washington University Hospital of leukemia.