Gay Rights Defender Dr. James Hemming Dies at 98

London, England -- Dr. James Hemming, a gay rights activist and one of The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association's (GALHA) Vice Presidents died peacefully at the age of 98 on Christmas Day.

Friday Night Music Video: An Easier Affair

Tonight's music video is George Michael's An Easier Affair. The song is available on his recent release: 'Twenty Five' and the video is also available on his DVD of the same name: 'Twenty Five' (it has videos from the last 25 years of George Michael; including the Wham! videos.)

A Review of 29th & Gay

One of the DVDs that I bought for Christmas was 29th & Gay. I've seen it in my local video store and have been wondering about it and so when I saw it on sale I thought, why not, my video collection could use another gay movie.

First Openly Gay President of the National Association of Black Journalists Dies

Thomas Morgan III, former New York Times reporter and editor, and the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ's) first openly gay president, died on Monday in Southampton, Mass. while visiting family for the holidays. He was 56.

A Sick Reminder of the Dangers of Non-Government, Corporate Run Healthcare

Last night I finally got the chance to watch Michael Moore's documentary, SiCKO. I wasn't able to watch it when it hit the theaters in town so when I found it on sale at my local video store, I decided to get myself a Christmas present.

Scholars Praise Allan Bérubé, Gay Pioneer

SANTA BARBARA, CA, – Allan Bérubé, who died Tuesday from complications related to stomach ulcers, stumbled onto the “secret world of gay soldiers” in 1979. But he left their world irrevocably changed, as he did the larger universe of gay and community activism which his scholarly spirit indelibly touched.

Friday Night Music Video: Kevin Jon - 'When Fear Gets In The Way'

UK Pop/RnB artist and MySpace favourite, Kevin Jon overcomes emotional hardship to release his first single: 'When Fear Gets in the Way' and that's also tonight's music video.

Gay Rights Pioneer Dies of Cancer

Bob Kohler, a gay rights pioneer, Stonewall veteran, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Front, and ACT UP member, died on Wednesday at the age of 81 of cancer.