Pioneering LGBT Activist Del Martin Mourned

Pioneering LGBT Activist Del Martin, who married Phyllis Lyon, her partner of 55 years, in June on the first day same-sex couples in California gained that right, died Wednesday at the age of 87.

Virginia Court Affirms Vermont's Jurisdiction in Same-Sex Couple's Interstate Custody Dispute

Frederick County, VA – A state circuit court judge has rejected yet another attempt to overturn a Vermont custody order giving child visitation rights to a lesbian parent from a now-dissolved civil union.

Peeing at the Border

News of the recent bust of pee porn at the Canadian-American border by Canadian border morality inspectors brought to mind several thoughts. Most of those thoughts weren't really nice, a few were of outrage and there was also one thought of extreme satisfaction.

'Death at a Funeral' Reviewed

This week, I watched a movie on DVD that I've been meaning to watch. A movie trailer on another DVD gave my memory a jog and reminded me that I hadn't seen it. The movie: Death at a Funeral...

Hooked Up 4 Life

Recently I've been thinking a lot about how my partner Ian and I met and 'hooked up 4 life'. For starters, we just celebrated our 9th anniversary a couple of months ago.

And Now, My Review of Eating Out

The reasons for me reviewing Eating Out 1 after having reviewed Eating Out 2 are almost as twisted as the movie itself. And by "twisted" I actually mean that's a good thing; for the most part...