NDP Answers My Question on Same-sex Marriage and Transgender Rights

The NDP has finally answered (11 days later) my emailed questions about Same-sex marriage and Transgender rights. They sent me an email on Thursday but, I was busy with my own same-sex wedding (more about that another time); so I wasn't able to post their reply until today.

Looking Past the 'Down Low'

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The popular media in the U.S. have focused too much on moral issues surrounding black bisexual men who do not disclose their same-sex behaviors to female lovers, otherwise known as men "on the Down Low," with this focus creating a stigma that interferes with effective public health strategies, says Indiana University sexual health expert Brian Dodge.

Clay Aiken's Confession!

After years of speculation Clay Aiken has finally confirmed that he is Gay!

Review of Dorian Blues

This past weekend, I finally watched a movie on DVD that I've been meaning to see for awhile; Dorian Blues...

Study on Internalized Homophobia and Health

TWIN CITIES, MN -- Researchers at the University of Minnesota have published a study showing that the degree of internalized homophobia among homosexual men is what predicts poor mental and sexual health – not the act of being homosexual.

A Review of 'My Trip Down the Pink Carpet'

Over the weekend, I rushed into my favorite local bookstore in desperation looking for something good to read. I came out with a bag full of books but for now I'll tell you about the one that really caught my eye on those book shelves, 'My Trip Down the Pink Carpet' by Leslie Jordan.

Canadian Green Party Ready, Willing and Able

Over the past few days I've been doing some research into what Canada's political parties currently think about same-sex issues. One of the reasons why I've been doing this research is because I remembered that Harper and his Conservative party wanted to change the definition of marriage to: 'as the union of one man and one woman'.

A Peek into the Life of 'The Fat Kid'

I don't usually enjoy memoirs and auto-biographies, however, for some reason when I found out about Michael Boyd's 'Forever the Fat Kid: How I Survived Dysfunction, Depression & Life in the Theater' I thought that perhaps for once I would enjoy reading one. I was correct.

Wedding Wars Reviewed

It's kind of amazing the amount of wonderful gay movies I'm finding at my local video rental store. My latest find is a romantic comedy called Wedding Wars.