Featured Music Video from Bloc Party

This weekend's featured music video is from Bloc Party:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wonder Woman and Then Some

70s gay geek author, Mike Pingel (The Q Guide to Charlie's Angels and The Q Guide to the Brady Bunch – the later is set to be released March 2009) has taken his passion for 70s TV and released The Q Guide to Wonder Woman through Alyson Books this month.

Weekend Music Video: Revolutionary Etude

Came across recently an interesting organist by the name of Cameron Carpenter. He's definately not your everyday type of organist -- his footwork and costuming are turning heads in some circles...

Has There Been a Rich Gay Myth?

A new study suggests that homosexual men in Canada have significantly lower personal incomes than heterosexual individuals.

My Moving Marriage

One evening, a couple of months ago, Ian my partner of nine years proposed to me right after watching Funny Lady. My immediate response was: 'So, that's what Barbra does to you eh?'