Featured Music Video: End Of The World

This week's featured music video is from Matt Alber's album "Hide Nothing".

World Outgames 2009 - Sports Coverage

The 2009 World Outgames in Copenhagen is in full swing this week. I've managed to collect some articles and videos covering some of the events and some of the athletes.

The Hidden Effects of Don't Ask Don't Tell

The following video, "Silent Partners" takes a look at the hidden effects of the Don't Ask Don't Tell law through the eyes of 3 partners of deployed service members.

The Episcopal Church's Growing Acceptance of LGBT People

The following is an Article of Faith addressing the growing acceptance and inclusion of LGBT people in the Episcopal Church:

Featured Music Video: Love Is Struggling

This week's featured music video is the first official video single for Naommon's album "Love Is Struggling."

100 Nations Meet in Copenhagen to Celebrate and Fight for Gay Rights

COPENHAGEN, DK (PRNewswire) -- This week, thousands of people from across the globe will arrive in the Danish capital Copenhagen to take part in the most important international event for homosexual, bi-sexual and transgender men and women - World Outgames 2009. On the agenda is one of the largest and most important conferences on homosexual rights the world has ever seen.

Gays in the Canadian Forces During WWII

The following video is a National Film Board documentary by José Torrealba, called Open Secrets. This provocative documentary uncovers a lost chapter in Canadian military history: how the Armed Forces dealt with homosexual behaviour among soldiers, during and after World War II. A group of veterans break their silence after more than 60 years.

More Honors for Civil Rights Legend Frank Kameny

Washington, DC – The National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Bar Association has announced that it will award Dr. Frank Kameny, one of America's first and foremost gay activists, the 2009 Dan Bradley Award in recognition of his trailblazing work on behalf of the LGBT community.

Toronto Triggerfish Get Ready for World Outgames

Xtra.ca profiles the Toronto Triggerfish: a gay water polo team heading to the World Outgames in this video report.

Canadian Chicks With Sticks Ready for Outgames

Canada's women's hockey teams hope to do Canada proud at this years World Outgames in Copenhagen.

Featured Music Video: More Than This

This week's featured music video is from the first single from Phil Putnam's "Casualties" album.

Weird Wednesday Vid: Busy Drag Queen

The heat is getting to me and turning my brain weird...Thus I think its high time once again for a Weird and Wacky Wednesday video. Here's one featuring Raye Sunshine as the Busy Drag Queen:

Blaire Wedding Project

Samantha Lavin and Lori Brener present: The Blaire Wedding Project

Video Reports from India on HC Verdict

Video report coverage of last week's Delhi High Court verdict on gay rights.

Make-Up Tips For Men

The only times I've worn make-up is on the stage and during Halloween, so I'm not really the guy to ask for make-up tips. But as some people have been coming to this site in search of them I decided to see if there's any video tips I can find on this subject.