Canadian AIDS Society Proposes Solution to Update Blood Screening Survey

Canadian AIDS Society Proposes Solution to Update and Enhance the Safety of Canada's Blood Screening Survey

Featured Music Video: Dirty King

This week's featured music video is from The Cliks* latest album, 'Dirty King'.

Wacky Wednesday: Evelyn Reese's ET Canada Audition Tape

Wacky Wednesday Post: After conquering every emcee gig from retirement parties to curling banquets, Evelyn Reese decides to take her act to the small screen. The only problem is, Evelyn doesn't know a damn thing about TV land. So she picks up the phone and discovers that ET Canada needs an audition tape from this aspiring Entertainment Reporter. How hard could it be covering TIFF?

Rights of Lesbian Mom Upheld in Tennessee Court

Tennessee Appeals Court Tells Trial Court That Best Interests Of Children Trump Rule Banning Mother's Partner Of 10 Years From Staying Overnight.

Religion and the Quest for Gay Civil Rights

Earlier this year, The Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire visited Emory University's Center for the Study of Law and Religion, where he spoke on "Why Religion Matters in the Quest for Gay Civil Rights." The following videos are from that lecture.

Featured Music Video: Wake Up

The following featured music video is from pop sensation and Saint-Etienne lad, Sliimy.

Social Psychology Lecture: Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage

Dr. Michael Schmitt, Associate Professor at SFU's Psychology department presents a lecture on "Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage: The Role of Heterosexual Identity"

Video Report: Same-sex Marriage Debates Continue Across US

University of Minnesota Law School professor Dale Carpenter addresses the issues that have been happening in many states as they move to make same sex marriage legal.

Featured Music Video: We Are Golden

This week's featured music video is from MIKA's new single 'We Are Golden' and his upcoming album 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much'.

OMG - Those Are Gay TV Commercials!

Wild/Wacky/WTF?! Wednesday: That's Gay, Bryan Safi goes undercover to investigate gay characters in TV ads.

Featured Music Video: Cairo

This week's featured music video is from Kind Monitor's album "Somebody Saves Me Almost Every Single Day".