Featured Music Video: You Think You're A Man

This week's featured music video is keeping with the LGBT History Month theme. We're going back to the 80's with the bodacious and incomparable Devine. The set: live on Australian TV (1984), in a most delicious performance.

OMG -- That's Straight!?

Tired of being gay? Well, Richard Cohen and his Ex-Gay cohorts can help. Join Bryan Safi as he navigates the world of conversion therapy...

Butch Halloween Costume Ideas

Wacky Wednesday Post*: Got an effeminate son? Worried about what he'll dress up as for Halloween? Worry no more, watch this video report...

Report: American Gay Couples Face Disadvantages in Retirement

New Study Released During National Save for Retirement Week Documents How Lack of Federal Recognition for Same-Sex Couples Reduces Their Retirement Income and Survivor Benefits.

Exposed on Film: The Mormon Proposition

New Film Exposes Mormon Front Group - Purchased The Passage Of California's Proposition 8 - Continues To Lead The Charge Against Gay Rights In The United States.

Svend Robinson Honoured for Human Rights Work

MONTRÉAL QC –- Former New Democrat MP Svend Robinson, Canada's first openly gay MP, has been awarded the 2009 Grand Prix of the Conseil Québécois des Gais et Lesbiennes (CQGL) for his unshakeable and passionate commitment to human rights activism.

LGBT History Month: Quentin Crisp

LGBT History Month Post: Quentin Crisp Interview -- Filmed the year The Naked Civil Servant was first published, and before he had become a household name, this very rare footage of Quentin Crisp was filmed as part of a series of interviews by Bernard Braden which were never broadcast.

LGBT History Month: Mental Health History

Today's LGBT History Month post: Homosexual Mental Health History -- Dr. Jack Drescher explains how the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the category of "mental disorder".

Featured Music Video: Candide Overture

Today's featured music video: Candide Overture, conducted by the composer himself, Leonard Bernstein. - Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra (London, December 13, 1989).

LGBT History Month - Oscar Wilde Goes to America

Today's featured LGBT History Month post features: Oscar Wilde and his American adventure.

Four 'Coming Out' Card Ideas

In a special four-card blitz, David Ellis Dickerson provides some cool ideas for greeting cards for all facets of Coming Out*, including a heartfelt thank you to his gay friends.

LGBT History Month - Walt Whitman

Today's LGBT History Month Post features Walt Whitman and selections from his poetry collection, Leaves of Grass; the "Calamus" cluster of poems.

LGBT History Month: Introduction to the Daughters of Bilitis

Today's LGBT History Month post: An introduction to the Daughters of Bilitis and 'The Ladder'.

Featured Music Video: C'mon Boys

This week's featured music video is from Kelly and the Kellygirls album "Modernism".

They're Sooo No Homo!

Bryan Safi: Are you terrified that people may think you're gay? No worries, hip hop has coined a phrase to get you out of the stickiest situations. Just throw in a "no homo" and you can say pretty much anything you want!

LGBT History Month: San Francisco 1940 (Video)

LGBT History Month Post: One of gay filmmaker Harold T. O'Neal's, (aka Hal O'Neal) earliest films, this is a full-color panorama of San Francisco in 1940.

Prof Censored for Discussing Gays in the Military at AF Academy

U.S. Air Force Academy Censors Professor for Discussing Gays in the Military -- Lt. Col. Is Reprimanded and Removed From Classroom -- Plus: New Data Shows Lesbian Discharges in Air Force Are Disproportionate.

Montana Court Affirms Rights Of Lesbian Parent And Her Children

HELENA, MT -- The Montana Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a lesbian must be treated as a mother to the two children that she raised with her partner of 10 years. The ACLU, which represented the mother, applauds the decision giving children the right to maintain relationships with both their parents after a break-up.

GLBT History Month: 22 Years at the NY LGBT Center

Today's GLBT History Month Post: Richard Burns on 22 years at the LGBT Center in NY.

GLBT History Month: History of ACT UP

Today's featured GLBT History Month post is on the history of ACT UP.

GLBT History Month: Gay Is Good

In honor of GLBT History Month, here's a guest article by Leslie Feinberg, on the early days of the Homophile movement and how the slogan "Gay Is Good" came about.

GLBT History Month 2009

October is GLBT History Month in America - Here's Some Links, Resources and a Video On LGBT History: