Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill Denounced In Canadian House of Commons

Late Thursday, in the House of Commons, during question period, both the NDP and the Conservative Party strongly denounced Uganda's pending anti-gay legislation that would make homosexuality a crime.

Minister of National Defence Responds to Concern for Gay Veterans

Several month's back I wrote to the Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence for Canada. In my email I expressed concern that members of the Canadian Forces who had been discharged for being homosexual, prior to Canada striking that law from the books, still faced that blemish on their records and weren't eligible for veteran's benefits.

The Commonwealth and Uganda – Business As Usual?

On Friday, November 27th, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) takes place in Trinidad and Tobago -- chaired by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni -- Will the Commonwealth suspend Uganda for its pending hate legislation or will it be business as usual?

Military Times Survey Uses Biased Tactics

Scholars Question Methodology of New Poll on Gay Troops -- Concerns Raised About Relevance of Survey Questions.

Featured Music Vid: Stupid Callous Homophobic Hateful Legislation

This week's featured music video has Shelly Goldstein singing a comic parody about gay marriage equality.

A Gay Media Empire Collapses

The troubled gay media empire known as Window Media LLC finally collapsed and has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Window Media's failure also brings about the closure of the remainder of it's publications which included the Washington Blade, (which just celebrated its 40th anniversary) Southern Voice, David Atlanta, and South Florida Blade.

Dolly Parton On Her Gays

Joy Behar talks with Dolly Parton about her gay following, gay marriage and Joel Osteen saying gays are "not God's best." Watch:

Segregation of Gays in the U.S. Military Isn't the Answer Either

Recently, the Army Times interviewed Secretary of the Army John McHugh covering a wide range of topics including how repealing the law banning open service of homosexuals might be handled by the Pentagon.

Featured Music Video: Cotton Candy

This week's featured music video is Amanda Lepore's 'Cotton Candy'; which also has Cazwell guest starring -- check it out...

Gay Druid: Why I Became a Pagan Druid

Video: Michael Gorman, "The Druid" tells the story of his spiritual journey from Catholic to Fundamentalist to Druid.

How I Conquered Two Years of Writer's Block and Wrote My First Novel

Once upon a time I started writing a novel; about three years ago actually. And then I ran into a few snags. The plot was getting too complicated, the action too tedious and I was starting to not really care about what happened to any of my characters. After about a month's worth of frustration I gave up and put my notebook aside.

What Gays & Lesbians Are Attracted to Facially

Late last week, Harvard University released the findings of a new study on facial preferences of men and women which included for the first time the facial feature preferences of gay men and lesbian women. The results weren't surprising and sadly too predictable. Moreover, for gay and straight men, facial attraction operates similarly.