Study: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Youth Bullied More than Heterosexuals

New study finds sexual minority youth bullied more than heterosexual youth

I Think You're Wrong About Uganda Bill Gates

An Open Letter To Bill Gates About How He's Wrong About the Anti-Homosexuality bill in Uganda*.

Sherlock Holmes Wasn't That Gay of a Movie

When my husband and I went to see Sherlock Holmes this past weekend, I was almost expecting to see a real "gayed" up version of one of my favourite fictional detectives and a real "gayed" up version of the story line. I must confess that I bought into Robert Downey Jr's red herrings and had been misdirected by breathless speculation on the internet.

Gay Life and World War II

Nick Taylor-Vaisey over at Xtra has written a great article this week on Gay Life and World War II.

Mother Seeks Help Locating Her Missing Child

Janet Jenkins appeals to the public for help in locating her daughter, Isabella Miller-Jenkins -- In Interstate Custody Dispute, The Child's Other Mother Fails To Transfer Custody Per Court-Order; Disappears With Child