Letter From An Active Duty American Soldier on DADT

Congressman Jim Moran shares details of a letter from an active duty solder who explains the personal significance of "Don't ask, don't tell." -- Watch:

ACLU Sues USAID Over Taxpayer-funded Overseas Religious Abstinence-Only Programs

ACLU Sues To Obtain Information About Taxpayer-Funded Religion In Abstinence-Only Programs Overseas.

Featured Music Video: Go Do

This week's featured music video is from Jónsi's first single "Go"

Featured Music Video: The Proposition

As Valentine's Day is this weekend and Prop. 8 has been in the news lately, this folky song by Chelsea & Heather Edgett seems appropriate. Enjoy:

A Bit of Fry Humour

In this video clip, Stephen Fry talks about how a Mormon tour guide didn't appreciate his sly questions... Watch:Stephen Fry's Humour Was Lost on Salt Lake City
- More of Stephen Fry at Big Think.

ACLU to Anti-Gay Health Prof.: Your Preaching in Class Doesn't Fly

ACLU Tells Fresno City College That Anti-Gay Preaching By Health Professor Doesn't Fly

Featured Music Video: The Best Revenge

This week's featured music video: Directors Jason Cacioppo and Adam Dugas release their kaleidoscopic new music video for Fischerspooner's song "The Best Revenge."

The Evolutionary Role for Same-Sex Attraction

New Study Reveals Potential Evolutionary Role for Same-Sex Attraction.

APA: Act Quickly To End Gay Military Ban

Pentagon and Congress should act quickly to end gay military ban, says American Psychological Association -- Cites large body of scientific research.

'One of the Boys' Reviewed

I recently finished reading One Of The Boys - Homosexuality in the Military during World War II by Paul Jackson. As this is the book that the National Film Board of Canada documentary, Open Secrets is based on, and which I've featured at this site, I've been wanting to sit down and read more about this subject.