Featured Music Vid: Prince Charming

This week's featured music video is from Brett Every with Estelle Noonan -- Every's 2nd album: 'Fairy Godmother's Gone To Vegas'.

The Sacred Institution of Divorce

This week, Bryan Safi of "That's Gay" skewers and salutes the state of Texas, which doesn't want anyone's grubby gay hands on the sacred institution of divorce.

LGBT Groups in Moldova and Ukraine to Exercise Right to Freedom of Assembly

Ensuring freedom of assembly for LGBT people in Moldova and Ukraine

Levi Kreis on Music & Million Dollar Quartet

Piano-vocalist Levi Kreis talks to Backstage Live about his passion for music and his role on Broadway as Jerry Lee Lewis in "Million Dollar Quartet." Watch:

DADT Headlines and Videos

Tuesday's DADT Headlines and Videos:

Sen. Franken Questions Senate Committee on LGBT Students and Bullying

Late last week, Sen. Franken questioned Senate HELP Committee panelists about how to create school environments that eliminate the bullying of LGBT students. Watch:

Gay Chirstian Singer Jennifer Knapp Talks to Larry King

Chirstian singer Jennifer Knapp talks to CNN's Larry King about being gay and whether she'll go to hell.

Friday's Featured Music Vid: Icon Baby

This week's featured music video is 'Icon Baby (Blah Blah Blah)' featuring Him (that's the guy's name)...

That's Gay Salutes: Freedom Federation

Bryan Safi of That's Gay salutes the no-brainers at the Freedom Federation, who oppose the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act based on a troubling mix of misinformation and old-fashioned ignorance, as video evidence from their own convention reveals.

Sweet: Redwoods the Movie

Recently I had the pleasure of watching on DVD a really sweet gay movie called Redwoods.

Ont. Govt. Urged to Listen to Sexual Health Experts

TORONTO, ON -- The AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) expressed disappointment today that the provincial government will reconsider proposed new physical health education curriculum that would have taught students earlier about sexual health, including HIV prevention.

School Put On Bogus 'Decoy' Prom for Lesbian Student

ACLU Complaint Takes On "Decoy" Prom For Mississippi Lesbian Student.

I've Now Read: Taking Woodstock

I didn't see Taking Woodstock when it came out but it was probably just as well, because it gave me the chance to read the book first, which is the way I prefer do things when a movie is based on a book.