Gay History: Anti-gay Terror in Nazi Germany

Guest Article on the Anti-gay Terror in Nazi Germany.

Gay History: Sexual Freedom vs. Fascism in Germany

A guest article that takes a look back at Germany during the 20's and 30's.

Nazi Germany and the "Homosexual Problem"

The religious right's objections this week to Don't Ask, Don't Tell brought about some interesting/disturbing stories about the "danger" of having gays serve in uniform.

Humpday Pic - 50's Drag Tea Party

Humpday Pic: Just a few of the girls...err...boys getting together for a tea party at the church mens club...

AIDS Response Will Be Set Back :AIDS program finacier

Global Fund, a dominant financier of programs that fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, says that the "Malawi Sentence Will Set Back AIDS Response".

Questions of Gender and Sexual Identity Enter the Malawi 'Gay Marriage' Case

Story About Couple in Malawi Condemned to Prison for Holding a Engagement Ceremony Takes A New Twist or Two.

American Legionnaires' Gay Scare

It's a pity that the American Legion doesn't go to bat for gay servicemembers in the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" fight....

It's Official: 14 Years Imprisonment for Malawi's Gay Couple

After months of waiting their fate the inevitable has happened. On Thursday, May 20, 2010, Steven Monjeza (26) and Tiwonge Chimbalanga (20) were sentenced to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour after being " convicted of gross indecency and unnatural acts " earlier in the week.

Malawi Court's Conviction of Gay Couple Outrageous - Rights Groups Condemn Ruling

Tuesday's conviction by a Magistrate Court in Blantyre, Malawi of Tiwonge ("Tionge") Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza for "unnatural offences" and "indecent practices between males" has been met with condemnation from Gay and Human Rights organizations around the globe; denouncing the conviction and calling for the release of the imprisoned couple who face up to 14 years of hard labour in prison.

New Report Debunks Military Gay Ban Myths

New Sexuality & Gender Law Clinic Report Finds Smooth Transition for Gay Soldiers in Other Countries -- Fears Espoused by Those Opposed to Lifting Gay Bans Were Unfounded.

SAG Rejects Newsweek's 'Straight Jacket'

Screen Actors Guild Responds to "Straight Jacket" Newsweek Article:

Country Music Singers Who Were Out Before Chely Wright

Country Music singer Chely Wright officially came out this week, (two days ahead of schedule) and is apparently going to be making the rounds of various media outlets this week including the Today Show on Wednesday, May 5, to talk about coming out, being a lesbian and her new album and her new book. Congratulations are in order but I must say that I am a little disappointed about the whole business.