Dan Choi: My Goal is To Be Unashamed of What I'm Saying

Lieutenant Dan Choi is on the front lines against the US military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. But to get there and stay there he's had to battle established gay rights groups that jealously protect their turf. Xtra caught up with Choi at the New York City Pride March where he was serving as a Grand Marshal. Watch:

Happy Pride from Bill Siksay and the NDP

Canadian Pride -- Statement on Pride 2010 by Bill Siksay, NDP Critic for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Transsexual Issues:

Welcome to Toronto Gay Boy - Here's Your Cage

On his first day as a new resident to Toronto, Dan Hamilton was a by-stander during a protest when he was caught with his boyfriend in a mass arrest for "breaching the peace". When police found out that they were gay they were advised to act straight and to keep it to theirselves -- And then they were put in the "gay holding area". Held for approximately 26 hours, the eighteen-year-old was let out (not charged of anything) at 3 a.m. on Monday, June 28th, 2010, where rabbletv caught up with him for his story.

Featured Music Video: "Boy Boy"

This week's featured music video is from Lissy Trullies' single "Boy Boy" which is also from her debut EP "Self-Taught Learner". Watch:

Who's That Guy?

A funny thing was discovered in a new psychology study -- Gay men's bilateral brains were found to be better at remembering faces than heterosexual men.

President Obama: Change Begins With Ordinary People

President Obama speaks at a White House reception on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 marking LGBT Pride Month. Watch:

Secretary Clinton: Human Rights are Gay Rights and Gay Rights are Human Rights

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton delivers opening remarks at an event celebrating LGBT Pride Month at the Department of State in Washington, DC on Tuesday, June 22 2010. Watch:

Lesbian Banned from Prom Scores White House Invite

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- American Civil Liberties Union client Constance McMillen will go to the White House on Tuesday to join President Obama at a ceremony recognizing the contributions of LGBT Americans. She will also serve as a Grand Marshal in the New York City Pride parade on June 27.

Featured Music Vid: Chemistry

This week's feautred music video is from The Bang Bang Club's first single 'Chemistry'; Watch:

Gay Activism & Marriage - Still Alot of Work To Do

CNN's Soledad O'Brien profiles Gary Spino and Tony Brown of NY as they fight for equality for the gay community.

PSA: The Perils of Lesbianity

Wacky Wednesday Video: A short, informative Public Service Announcement pulled from the archives...dealing with the issue of lesbianity...

Footy Shocker: Soccer is Gay - Official

As the 2010 FIFA World Cup gets underway, a revelation that footy insiders have barely managed to keep in the closet for years despite the swirling rumours -- it can now officially be anounced that soccer, the beautiful game is indeed gay. Onion News Network has the story - Watch:

How Gay Are Video Games?

Bryan Safi explores the world of video gaming; looks at the gay innuendo of the past and discovers that gaming has gotten much gayer lately...Watch:

Music Video: Anglerfish

This week's featured music video is a collaborative work by Hailey Wojcik & Audrey Culver; the song, "Anglerfish" is from Hailey Wojcik's album, DIORAMA. Watch:

Video: Speaking OUT in the South

Today's Featured Short Doc explores the struggles and harassment of LGBTIQ youth in East Tennessee. Watch:

Video - James Randi on Why He Came Out at 81

Recently, James Randi, a "magician and a curmudgeon by trade", publicly came out at the age of 81. In this BigThink video interview, The Amazing Randi tells us why he did come out so late in life, the public reaction and whether coming out will be easier for the next generation. Watch:
James Randi: Why I Came Out at Age 81.
The Full Interview: Big Think Interview With James Randi

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Video: And They Lived Happily Ever After...Or Not.

A different point of view: "If you disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, why not overturn prop8 and make the gays get married -- like the rest of us?"...

Cartoon: Ted Haggard's New Poster

Ever since I heard that Ted Haggard had a BIG announcement to make, all I could think of was "Circus"...

Pride Politics Heats Up in Toronto

The politics surrounding Pride Toronto's 30th parade, (June 25th - July 4th 2010) has been heating up for the past several months with the controversy surrounding funding, discrimination and censorship taking place.

Featured Music Video: Years Not Long

This week's feautred music video features some male bonding from a group called Male Bonding. Watch:

Entertainment & Life News for Thursday

Gay Entertainment & Life News for Thursday: Fran's Announcement; Larry Craig Tricked; Brisbane's History; Deb Price Looking Back; Peter Orlovsky Remembered....

Gay History Pictured: Bloomsbury Boys Raided

This week's featured gay history picture: A photograph used in evidence for a prosecution for "keeping a disorderly house" in 1926.

Lady Gaga on Sexual Orientation Bias, Health & More

Lady Gaga talks about sexual orientation bias, her health issues and her relationship with Michael Jackson during her interview with CNN's Larry King. Watch: