Rutgers Freshman Jumped From Bridge After Classmates Webcast Sex Encounters

Privacy Breached & Sad Outcome: A Rutgers freshman aparently jumped off a bridge, killing himself this week after classmates used hidden camera to record and stream his gay sexual activity to the web.

Spirited Gay Boy Bullied to Death - School Did Nothing

Heartbreaking!: The parents of 13 year-old Asher Brown of Texas, who killed himself after constant bullying, join CNN's Anderson Cooper to share their story. School did nothing & Deny everything... Watch:

Michigan's Homophobic Assistant DA Stands By Bigoted Blog Posts

Weasle Watch: Anderson Cooper seeks answers from Michigan's assistant D.A., whose blog attacks a gay college student council member. Watch:

The Pope's Astronomer & Gay Aliens

The news about one of the Pope's astronomers saying that aliens have souls and that he would baptise an alien if it asked him to, got me to thinking once again about the Catholic church's anti-gay attitudes...

Gays in the Church - An Issue That's Not Going To Go Away

Rev. Carlton Pearson talks with CNN's Kyra Phillips about the Bishop Eddie Long sex allegations scandal and about preaching that everyone has a place in heaven, including gay people. Watch:

Predictable: Ann Coulter Argues About Gays & Civil Rights

Predictable argument & predictable outcome: Marc Lamont Hill and Ann Coulter face off on Larry King on whether gay marriage is a civil right. Watch:

Charlene Strong on Discrimination: "I Couldn't Sit Around"

Charlene Strong has been fighting DOMA since the death of her wife, Kate Fleming, in a flood in their Washington State home; she joins Laura Flanders at GRITtv to remind us what the denial of marriage rights really means to couples.

Featured Music Video: 'Practically Wasted'

This week's featured music video features the piano bashing of Aussie performer Brendan Maclean from his debut album, "White Canvas" -- Watch:

Law Barring Gays From Adopting in Florida Struck Down

Florida Appellate Court Strikes Down Law Barring Gay People From Adopting.

Homophobic Georgia Pastor Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Two Georgia men have filed a lawsuit claiming that prominent and homophobic megachurch pastor Eddie Long coerced them into sex, claiming it to be religious in nature and lavishing them with gifts and perks.

No Surprise: GOP Blocks Defense Bill Because of DADT

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate led by the Republicans voted against a major military bill that would also allow the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy; the vote was 56 to 43. Here's some coverage on that event:

Dan Savage & Terry: It Gets Better

Dan Savage and his husband Terry have a message for all those gay, lesbian, bi and trans kids that don't think they have a future...It get's better.

John Waters: I knew I was gay the moment I saw Elvis Presley

In this BigThink interview, John Waters talks about why "Coming Out Is So Square", How no one asked him if he was gay, peoples fear of him, gaily correctness, the state of gay culture and more.
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Xavier Dolan: I try not to please critics or anyone else when I'm writing these characters

Success has come quickly for 21-year-old Quebec filmmaker Xavier Dolan. Dolan was at TIFF 2010 for the English Canadian premiere of Heartbeats, and Xtra caught up with him and TIFF's Noah Cowen to talk about Dolan's films and his critics.

Gay Short Films of Interest at VIFF 2010

The 2010 Vancouver International Film Festival, (VIFF) which opens September 30, and runs until October 15, has a number of short films of gay interest to check out this year.

Gay Films of Interest at VIFF 2010

The 2010 Vancouver International Film Festival, (VIFF) opens September 30, and runs until October 15 this year and will be showing a great selection of films of gay interest; both feature length and shorts. This year's headline gay feature films include Xavier Dolan's Heartbeats, Bruce LaBruce's notorious L.A. Zombie and the documentary Stonewall Uprising.

Featured Music Video: 'Welcome To Disgracealand'

This week's featured music video is Aussie drag performer Courtney Act's hot new single: "Welcome To Disgracealand" -- Watch:

That's Gay Salutes CNN's Lowbrow Show Showbiz Tonight

I was wondering when we'd see this...This week, Bryan Safi salutes CNN's basement baby - Showbiz Tonight. The lowbrow entertainment show asked the question no other news outlet would dare (or care) to ask: Is television gayness in shows like "Modern Family" and "Glee" bad for society? Watch:

'Contemporary Art's Job is to Wreck Whatever Came Before It' :John Waters

In this BigThink interview, filmaker John Waters talks about what makes art successful, his dilema about a moldy painting, whether he seeks to make people angry and more.
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Homophobia Rife in UK's Asylum System

Stonewall's Policy Officer Nat Miles talks about their research into the experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the UK's asylum system which was found to be rife with systemic homophobia. Watch:

Yves Saint Laurent Remembered on the TIFF Red Carpet

L'Amour Fou, a documentary about the rise of famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé premiered at TIFF 2010. Elvira Kurt hit the red carpet to talk with Saint Laurent's lifelong partner Pierre Bergé about the documentary. Also interviewed were model and friends, Betty Catroux and designer Loulou de la Falaise. Watch:

Concerns Raised Ahead of Pope's Visit to the UK

While Pope Benedict XVI remains steadfast in his vision of the values of society and what marriage is, Amnesty International UK raises concerns on eve of his visit -- Child abuse and Gay Rights Head List of Concerns.

Challenging Assumptions - Can the Kids be Alright If They're Gay Too?

"I am questioning the heterosexism that pressures LGBTQ parents to prove their success as parents by producing heterosexual (read: normal) children." :Family Therapist, Arlene Istar Lev.

Featured Music Video: VIP

This week's featured music video is over the top with Adam Barta's V.I.P. -- Watch:

TIFF 2010 - More Queer Film Picks

Xtra caught up with TIFF co-director Cameron Bailey to get his film picks, including John Cameron Mitchell's new film Rabbit Hole and Pierre Thoretton's Yves Saint Laurent - Pierre Berge, L'Amour Fou.

TIFF 2010 Queer Highlights: It's a Great Year for Gays

Noah Cowan, TIFF Bell Lightbox, artistic director, chats with Elvira Kurt of Xtra about the new venue which opens Sept. 12th and what queers should be checking out at this year's festival.

Featured Music Video: 'This Changes Everything'

This week's featured music video features "lesbian music by a boy" -- namely, K Anderson's 'This Changes Everything', from his debut album 'The Overthinker'. Watch:

Catching Up With Margaret Cho

Sean Horlor from Xtra caught up with Margaret Cho during her recent stop in Vancouver, BC, during The Cho Dependent tour and talked with her about about her Vancouver connections, recording with Tegan and Sara and why she quit pot. Watch:

Children of Same-sex Parents Do Just Fine in School

Stanford research finds that children of gay and straight couples do equally well in school. Associate professor Michael Rosenfeld of Sociology, talks about this new research in this video -- Watch: