Denis Simpson - Obituraries

Denis Simpson, (1950 - October 22, 2010) -- Just shy of his 60th birthday, Canadian actor and singer, Denis Simpson died from a brain hemorrhage in Toronto while preparing for a play. Denis was perhaps best known for being the host of the TV show, Polka Dot Door, and being the original bass vocalist for The Nylons. Here's some of the press coverage:

Psychobabble: Too Many Sisters Affect Male Sexuality

According to a psychology wonk that published a study this month in Psychological Science, growing up with lots of sisters makes a man less sexy.

EU Court of Human Rights Finds Russian Ban on Gay-Rights Marches in Moscow Unjustified

On Thursday, October 21, the European Court of Human Rights found Russia in violation of three articles in the case of Russian gay rights activist, Nikolay Alekseyev vs Russia. The case concerned the complaints by the activist about the repeated rejection by the Moscow authorities of his requests to organise gay-pride parades.

Mississippi Sheriff's Dept. Sued For Firing Gay Corrections Officer

ACLU Sues Sheriff's Department On Behalf Of Corrections Officer Fired For Being Gay - Mississippi Officer Had Unblemished Record - Outed During Domestic Dispute

Neil Patrick Harris: Babies!

They're Here! Neil Patrick Harris has just tweeted the long expected baby announcement!

Lost Memoir of an Androgyne from 1921 Discovered

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Dr. Randall Sell, a professor at the Drexel University School of Public Health and director of the LGBT Health Program, announced this week that he has discovered significant parts of the long, lost third volume of memoirs, entitled "Riddle of the Underworld," from 1921 by the pseudonymous Earl Lind. With the recent suicides in the LGBT community, the timing of the finding is heightened by Lind's explicit and emphatic pleas for adults to support "sexual and gender non-conformists" to prevent their suicide.

De-Lovely: The Cole Porter Story Makes Me Want To Sing

The film, De-Lovely: The Cole Porter Story makes me want to sing or mangle a verse or two.

The Curious Case of the Female Husband

Louis Crompton in his book, Homosexuality & Civilization* noted that in 1746, Henry Fielding wrote a short fictionalized account of a curious case regarding lesbianism. It was a catchpenny effort, just twenty-three pages long entitled, The Female Husband, or the Surprising History of Mrs. Mary, alias Mr. George Hamilton. I haven't been able to track down a copy of Fielding's story but I have managed to get an account of the real story which was published in The Newgate Calendar.

World's Largest LGBT Research Collection Donated to USC Libraries

University of Southern California Libraries Becomes - Home to World's Largest LGBT Research Collection, ONE Archives.

The Mollies' Club -- One of London's Early Gay Clubs

London's gentleman's clubs, (no they weren't euphemisms for strip joints) were the places of choice where gentlemen used to hang out and relax from the rigours of being gentlemen in the City back in the day. Some of these clubs were staid whilst others, not so much.

An Introduction to the Strange History of the Chevalier D'Eon

Queer History: The following is a brief account of the strange story about a French diplomatist and spy known as the Chevalier d'Eon, (October 5, 1728 – May 21, 1810) who during the early part of his career dressed as a man and during the later part became known as Madam or Mademoiselle de Beaumont and dressed as a woman.

Two Nice Jewish Boys, Their Engagement Notice & The Resulting Firestorm

Love, Firestorms & Hasty Reactions -- All Because Two Nice NY Jewish Boys Announced Their Engagement ...

Noël Coward: His Life in News Clippings

Gay History Month Post: Sir Noël Peirce Coward, (December 16, 1899 – March 26, 1973) was an English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer who had a flair for getting noticed by the press; although it wasn't always good publicity. The following are links to just a few of the many news stories about Noël Coward, dating from 1934 until his death in 1973.

LGBT History Month - Posts From The Past

October is LGBT History Month in the U.S. -- Here's some posts from the past that I've done on various parts of gay history: