Featured Music Video: Men In Love

This week's featured music video is Beth Ditto & The Gossip's fabulous new video Men In Love -- Watch:

DADT Survey Says...

The DADT survey results may not be officially out but...NBC News' Richard Engel reports exclusively to The Rachel Maddow Show on the results of a "Don't ask, don't tell" military survey to be released December 1st, 2010, showing that most members of the military don't really care about whether their colleagues are gay. Most negative responses were from the Marines and the most worrisome question for all was the shower arrangements...Watch:

Checking The Anti-Gay Pulse in Uganda

From Uganda, CNN's David McKenzie reports on the anti-gay sentiment in the streets following the outing of gays in a local tabloid. He also talks to the publisher of the rag, a lesbian couple who were forced to flee a mob when they were outed by the publisher. McKenzie also talks to David Bahati, the member of the Ugandan Parliament behind the controversial "anti-gay" bill, who says its still very much on and will pass soon. Watch:

That's Gay Inspects "The A-List"

Bryan Safi learns that trashy reality shows are no longer the sole province of crazy straight people and Kardashians. Bryan checks out Rodiney, Edwing and other "A-Lister" dudes with ridiculously spelled names from LOGO's "The A-List". Watch:

Denis Simpson - Obituraries

Denis Simpson, (1950 - October 22, 2010) -- Just shy of his 60th birthday, Canadian actor and singer, Denis Simpson died from a brain hemorrhage in Toronto while preparing for a play. Denis was perhaps best known for being the host of the TV show, Polka Dot Door, and being the original bass vocalist for The Nylons. Here's some of the press coverage:

Psychobabble: Too Many Sisters Affect Male Sexuality

According to a psychology wonk that published a study this month in Psychological Science, growing up with lots of sisters makes a man less sexy.

Featured Music Video: Broadway Sings "It Gets Better"

This Week's Featured Music Video: Broadway stars rock out in a celebration of life, in the wake of LGBT suicides across America. Watch:

EU Court of Human Rights Finds Russian Ban on Gay-Rights Marches in Moscow Unjustified

On Thursday, October 21, the European Court of Human Rights found Russia in violation of three articles in the case of Russian gay rights activist, Nikolay Alekseyev vs Russia. The case concerned the complaints by the activist about the repeated rejection by the Moscow authorities of his requests to organise gay-pride parades.

Right-Wing U.S. Evangelicals Tied to Anti-Gay Fervor in Uganda

Human rights activists in Uganda are warning that the lives of gay people are in danger after a newspaper published a front-page story featuring the names and photographs of what it called Uganda’s 100 "top" gays and lesbians alongside a yellow banner that read "Hang Them."

Andrew Sullivan On Blogging, Politics & Gay Stuff

In this BIG BigThink interview, writer and blogger Andrew Sullivan talks about blogging, journalism, gay Republicans, gay conservatives, coming out, the greatest gay American and more.

Beth Ditto & The Gossip: It's OK to be Weird

Beth Ditto and The Gossip on being gay, coming out, getting out and being weird. Watch:

Ft. Worth City Councillor Joel Burns & Husband Speak Out

One man went from being a Fort Worth City Councilman minding his own business to worldwide leader in the fight to stop bullying. Joel Burns and his husband, political consultant J.D. Angle, join The Last Word to talk about it -- Watch:

CHANGE of Plans: DADT Restored by Appeals Court

This is "Change"? Despite what President Obama and his press secretary, Robert Gibbs say; namely that Obama will end ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ and that he thinks the policy is highly discrimnatory, once again team Obama struck a blow at gays. At the request of President Obama, an appeals court on Wednesday suspended a ruling that declared "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" unconstitutional, saying it would cause "Significant Immediate Harm To The Military". David Martin of CBS News reports on the latest -- Watch:

Outrage At Gay Slur During High School Football Game

Gay chant sparks outrage at high school football game - but not by the students...Fans at an Ohio high school football game chant a gay slur in unison at the opposing team. And the kids from the opposing school? -- Well, they've got their own gay slur for their opponets too. WKYC's Kim Wheeler reports:

Last of the 'Pink Triangles'

At 97, Rudolf Brazda is probably the last surviving man to have been sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp by the Nazis for being a homosexual. Like the other homosexuals who had been arrested, he was issued with a pink triangle to identify himself as such and also issued a number; his was 7952. In this video interview for Yagg, Rudolf Brazda remembers his years as a prisoner at Buchenwald. Watch:

Reactions to U.S. Military Recruiters Being Told To Accept Gay Applicants

Yesterday, upon finding out that U.S. military recruiters were being told to accept gay applicants, Lt. Dan Choi who had been discharged this year over 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' rules, decided to join up. -- Dan Choi and Alexander Nicholson (Servicemembers United) join CNN's Anderson Cooper to react to the reaffirmation allowing gays to serve. Watch:

A Convo with John Amaechi

BigThink has a conversation with the former basketball player and psychologist, John Amaechi on achieving the extraordinary, when he knew he was gay and his coming out process, the closet and celebs, combating homophobia, problems facing students and more.

Canadian Gay History: Jane Rule

Canadian Gay History: The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives presents in this video, a brief history of writer Jane Rule, CM, OBC (March 28, 1931 – November 27, 2007) and her contributions to literature. Watch:

Mississippi Sheriff's Dept. Sued For Firing Gay Corrections Officer

ACLU Sues Sheriff's Department On Behalf Of Corrections Officer Fired For Being Gay - Mississippi Officer Had Unblemished Record - Outed During Domestic Dispute

Canadian Gay History: Rev Brent Hawkes

Canadian Gay History: A short video introduction by the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives on Rev. Brent Hawkes CM, and his contributions to gay rights in Canada. Watch:

Neil Patrick Harris: Babies!

They're Here! Neil Patrick Harris has just tweeted the long expected baby announcement!

Featured Music Video: The MIRROR MIRROR Spectacle

This week's featured music video: Live footage of the Queen Elizabeth Hall debut of the MIRROR MIRROR Spectacle by The Irrepressibles. Watch:

Canadian Gay History: The Brunswick Four

Canadian Gay History: A brief introduction to the Brunswick Four, (a historic incident in Toronto in 1974 that started with four lesbians singing “I Enjoy Being A Dyke”.) by the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives. Watch:

Jamaican PM Spins Justification for Homophobia & Discrimination

"Is Jamaica Homophobic?" - " Why are homosexual acts illegal in Jamaica?" -- Questions fit for a PM's spin...

Richard Kim Discusses The Major Issues Facing the Gay Rights Movemnent

The Nation's Richard Kim joins Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of Democracy Now to discuss some of the major issues facing the gay rights movement in America today, including Tuesday's decision by a federal judge to end the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy; the surge in gay teenagers committing suicide; the homophobic remarks of politicians ahead of the midterm elections; and the recent brutal beatings and torture of three New York men because of their sexual orientation. Watch:

Lost Memoir of an Androgyne from 1921 Discovered

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Dr. Randall Sell, a professor at the Drexel University School of Public Health and director of the LGBT Health Program, announced this week that he has discovered significant parts of the long, lost third volume of memoirs, entitled "Riddle of the Underworld," from 1921 by the pseudonymous Earl Lind. With the recent suicides in the LGBT community, the timing of the finding is heightened by Lind's explicit and emphatic pleas for adults to support "sexual and gender non-conformists" to prevent their suicide.

The Curious Case of the Female Husband

Louis Crompton in his book, Homosexuality & Civilization* noted that in 1746, Henry Fielding wrote a short fictionalized account of a curious case regarding lesbianism. It was a catchpenny effort, just twenty-three pages long entitled, The Female Husband, or the Surprising History of Mrs. Mary, alias Mr. George Hamilton. I haven't been able to track down a copy of Fielding's story but I have managed to get an account of the real story which was published in The Newgate Calendar.

Featured Music Video: Postcards

This week's featured music video: 'Postcards' is from An Horse's debut album 'Rearrange Beds'. Watch:

Stunned & Targeted Student: It's Hard Not To Say Anything Now

Targeted Student Breaks His Silence: In an exclusive interview, student Chris Armstrong speaks to CNN's Anderson Cooper about being targeted online by a homophobic Michigan official. Watch:

World's Largest LGBT Research Collection Donated to USC Libraries

University of Southern California Libraries Becomes - Home to World's Largest LGBT Research Collection, ONE Archives.

Director Jeffrey Friedman: The Poem 'Howl' Broke So Many Rules

In this video interview, fab magazine associate editor Matt Thomas talks with writer/director Jeffrey Friedman about his new film Howl, starring James Franco. Watch:

The Mollies' Club -- One of London's Early Gay Clubs

London's gentleman's clubs, (no they weren't euphemisms for strip joints) were the places of choice where gentlemen used to hang out and relax from the rigours of being gentlemen in the City back in the day. Some of these clubs were staid whilst others, not so much.

An Introduction to the Strange History of the Chevalier D'Eon

Queer History: The following is a brief account of the strange story about a French diplomatist and spy known as the Chevalier d'Eon, (October 5, 1728 – May 21, 1810) who during the early part of his career dressed as a man and during the later part became known as Madam or Mademoiselle de Beaumont and dressed as a woman.

Two Nice Jewish Boys, Their Engagement Notice & The Resulting Firestorm

Love, Firestorms & Hasty Reactions -- All Because Two Nice NY Jewish Boys Announced Their Engagement ...

Noël Coward: His Life in News Clippings

Gay History Month Post: Sir Noël Peirce Coward, (December 16, 1899 – March 26, 1973) was an English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer who had a flair for getting noticed by the press; although it wasn't always good publicity. The following are links to just a few of the many news stories about Noël Coward, dating from 1934 until his death in 1973.

Books on Gay History (2010)

Books on Gay History -- A short list of books that have come out or are coming out this year that are devoted to gay history:

Neil Patrick Harris: Stand Tall - Be Proud

On the heels of the gay kids who've recently committed suicide, Neil Patrick Harris says that hurting yourself is not the answer -- stand tall and be proud. Watch:

Preaching to the 'Not Gay' Preacher

Bryan Safi of That's Gay follows the ongoing developments in the Bishop Eddie Long scandal. In chess, Bishops can only move diagonally, but this Bishop will need all kinds of moves to extricate himself from the increasingly damaging accusations...Watch:

Featured Music Video: Animal Arithmetic

This week's featured music video is the second video from Jónsi's album "Go" -- Watch:

LGBT History Month - Posts From The Past

October is LGBT History Month in the U.S. -- Here's some posts from the past that I've done on various parts of gay history:

Hate Crime Probe for Student's Suicide

Update on Rutgers Student Suicide Case: Prosecutors in New Jersey are now considering bias charges against two university freshmen who are accused of driving Tyler Clementi to kill himself by streaming video of a romantic encounter with another man. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.