"Ex-gay" Organizations Aren't Charities - They're Charlatans Who Bully People :NDP-Quebec Section

Fake Ex-gay 'Charity' Claims: Homosexuality Can Be 'Overcome' & Deserves Tax Break from Canadians.

Hay Fever is a Hit in Shelburne!

Basement Theatre's Production of Noël Coward's 'Hay Fever' is a Hit in Shelburne, Nova Scotia -- Play Held Over For One More Performance.

Featured Music Video: Raise Your Glass

This week's featured music video is P!nk's latest video "Raise Your Glass" -- Time to get your Freak On:

The State of Same-sex Marriage Laws in Europe

Love, Commitment & the Law: In Europe, the state of legislation regarding same-sex marriage and same-sex civil union or partnership laws varies widely. EUTV's Robin Faure looks at proposals to simplify same-sex marriage laws in Europe. Watch:

Why Edie Windsor is Challenging the "Defense Of Marriage Act"

Meet Edith "Edie" Windsor: Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer shared their lives together as a couple in New York City for 44 years; they got engaged in 1967 and finally got married in 2007 in Canada.

Featured Music Video: 'We Hug In Bed'

This week's featured music video is from Joe Worricker's debut EP -- Watch:

Guest Op-Ed: Don't Ask, Don't Care

In this Guest Op-Ed, Michael Winship has a message for John McCain, the grouchy of the United States Senate -- Times Have Changed.

'Hay Fever' Season Comes Early In Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Shelburne's Basement Theatre To Tread Planks At Osprey Arts Centre In Production Of Noël Coward's 'Hay Fever'

The E-Marriage Loophole

Novel Approach: CNN's Ali Velshi looks at "E-Marriage", which allows gays to marry in states where same-sex marriage is illegal. In this video, he talks to Mark Reed-Walkup and Dante Walkup of Texas, a gay couple who tied the knot with this novel method of getting married legally. Watch:

Palin's Stupid Homophobic Facebook Rant

Willow Palin's Potty Mouth: So, there's this show I've avoided knowing about...Sarah Palin's Alaska - Some guy didn't like it and said so on Facebook. Sarah Palin's daughter, Willow took it personally and went on a bit of a homophobic slur rant...She's garnered criticism for the use of the slurs and made the news of the week from the blogs to TV now -- CNN's John King reports:

Rupert Everett and Colin Firth Are Cute Together in St. Trinian's

English schoolgirls gone bad + Rupert Everett as their Headmistress + Colin Firth as the old flame (who's the new Education Minister) × Rupert Everett as the Headmistress' low-life gay or bisexual brother + a bit of Stephen Fry, (Wilde, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Jeeves & Wooster) as the School Challenge presenter = A cute and wickedly amusing evening's entertainment.

Words Are Great Fun To Play With for Cindy McCain

Cindy McCain in the Shill Job: She shocked and excited the world earlier in the year when she donned a white T-shirt and duct tape for the NOH8 campaign; she did it again when just last week she appeared in a NOH8 Anti-Bullying video that had her decrying government discrimination of LGBT people, specifically including the military. Turns out she was just a shill.

Executive Gay Dating Scammer Sentenced to 4+ Yrs In Prison

Cruel Canadian Online Dating Site Scammer Sentenced in U.S. to 4+ Years in Prison for Mail Fraud -- Preyed Upon and Defrauded 1000s Internationally with His Sham Dating Service.

Featured Music Video: Addiction

This week's featured music video is a live performance of 'Addiction', from Nashville-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Megan McCormick. Watch:

A Kiss Was All it Took

Double Blow: Served 9 Years And What Did He Get for Kissing Another Man? - Discharged and Seperation Pay Cut in Half. -- Former U.S. Air Force Staff-Sergeant's Class Action Lawsuit Draws Attention to Double Blow Mete Out by Defense Department to Gays.

November 11th, 2010 -- Remembrance Day

Lest We Forget: The sacrifices others made so that we could live in peace, living how we want without fear of tyranny.

Oh, My! George Takei Talks Men & Star Trek

Dishing With George: George Takei talks with Metro Weekly about his life as a gay man, the impact Star Trek has had on his life, and weighs in on his favorite of all the Star Trek movies. Watch:

Oral Roberts' Gay Grandson Speaks Out

Randy Roberts Potts, the gay grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts reads a letter to his gay Uncle Ronnie, who met an untimely death in June of 1982. Dear Uncle Ronnie, It Gets Better...Watch:

Some Boys Like Dressing Up As Daphne. Get Over It.

Quick, Into the Mystery Machine!: The Mystery of A 5 yr-old Boy Dressing Up As Daphne from Scooby-Doo...

Featured Music Video: Something Else

This week's featured music video is from Diamond Rings' debut album 'Special Affections' -- Check it out:

Report: Same-Sex Relations in Cameroon Bring Attacks, Arrests

DOUALA, CAMEROON (HRW) -- Cameroonians are attacked by police, politicians, the media, and even their own communities if they are suspected of having sexual relations with a person of the same sex, four human rights organizations said in a joint report released this week.

Safi Takes On Gay Reality Show Judges

This week, Bryan Safi's "That's Gay" segment discovers one realm where gay men are proudly (and loudly) overrepresented - judging reality shows. From Bruno Taglioni on "Dancing With The Stars" to Adam Shankman on "So You Think You Can Dance," from Michael Kors on "Project Runway" to Derek Jae on "Hair Battle Extravaganza," every self-respecting reality show needs someone gay rocking the gavel. Watch:

Ricky Martin Opens Up On His Love Life

Ricky On Love Life: In this video interview, Ricky Martin shares with Access’ Shaun Robinson, intimate details of his life including the secret he kept hidden from those even closest to him. Also, is Ricky in a relationship right now? Watch:

Ricky Martin Finds Happiness

Opening Up: Ricky Martin has finally found happiness as a father to twin sons Mateo and Valentino. In this video interview, Ricky opens up to Access’ Shaun Robinson about his life at home, coming out of the closet and making it clear he has no fear of telling the world the truth.

Secret Gay Ugandan Blogger: I Am African, I Am Gay.

This Takes Balls: CNN's David McKenzie interviews a Ugandan blogger who writes on gay issues. Watch:

New Short Doc Reveals Civil Rights Inequalities in America Today

New Short Film 'Left Out In America: Legislating Love, Life and LGBT' Reveals Civil Rights Inequalities in America Today

ALA adds GLBT Youth Literature Award

American Library Association adds GLBT youth literature award to prestigious Youth Media Award announcements.

Dan Savage's Stories

In this BigThink interview, Dan Savage talks about being a sex advice columnist, coming out, the importance of gay teens hearing stories from gay adults about life, his worst moments of being an advice columnist, some of his toughest challenges of fatherhood, his views on monogamy and more. Watch:

Hay Fever: An Enlivening 'Amusement' for Shelburne

Shelburne's Basement Theatre, (of which I am a cast member) is getting ready for opening night of our production of Noël Coward's play Hay Fever. I recently sat down in my kitchen and talked to the director, Ian Anderson about the Master and this production of his play from 1925.