Intro/Info: Hi, Robin Anderson-Forbes here, welcome to Gay News Bits. As of May 31, 2011, My life has moved on. (This site is now in archive mode.)

2010 marked this blog's 6th anniversary. (3 years at its current domain, 3 years at it's previous domain.) Recently I moved this site to blogger.com, making this the 4th version in it's 6 years of existance.

This is a gay news blog of sorts; It's not comprehensive and it's not always news. Sometimes I do movie, DVD and book reviews. Sometimes I write editorials or OpEd type pieces. Sometimes I have guest articles on a variety of topics. Sometimes I provide commentary, sometimes not. It all depends really. For total news coverage though you'll probably need to go to a news portal.

Like alot of other people I just cover what's interesting to me and I often just provide a summary, with a link to the full story.

- Where did all the posts go? Unfortunately about 85% of the posts had to be ditched for one reason or another during my latest server move. One of the reasons was that there was alot of video posts with videos that were no longer available. Other posts had "timely" info that was no longer timely. Regrettably the URLs also had to change due to the fact that I'm on a different blogging platform now.