Michel Serrault of La Cage aux Folles Fame Passed Away

Michel Serrault, the French actor who is perhaps best known to the world for his performances as the transvestite or drag queen (Albin/Zaza) in the film and stage versions of "La Cage aux Folles" died Sunday at the age of 79 from cancer.

Tammy Faye Died Friday

Tammy Faye Messner, the former televangelist and Christian singer, died Friday, CNN's Larry King says.

Yet Another Review of Another Gay Movie

Another Gay Movie is rude, crude, side splitting funny and the gayest movie I've watched all year!

Review of Seventy Times Seven

Seventy Times Seven by Salvatore Sapienza, is a fast paced, and riveting sexy story about coming to terms with life, sex, love, faith and devotion to ones religion that I devoured in one evening.