A Review of Times Have Been Better

The other night I watched this interesting gay French film called Times Have Been Better aka Le Ciel sur la Tête. It's directed by Régis Musset, written by Nicolas Mercier and stars, Charlotte de Turckheim, Bernard Le Coq, Arnaud Binard, Olivier Guéritée, Chantal Ladessous and Franck de la Personne. Originally it was made for French TV but it's now available on DVD.

Sour Pumpkin Juice

Merlin’s Beard! A lot of people seem to be drinking sour pumpkin juice this week. I wondered when I wrote my post: Rowling Outs Dumbledore!, just how long it would take for the negative press to start rolling out...Not long.

Gay Men Earn Less than Straight Married Men

U.S. Census Research on gay and straight couples:

My Evening with Coffee Date

The other night, I called up my hubby from the office and said, "Honey, were having a coffee date tonight; well more specifically, we're going to watch Coffee Date!"

Rowling Outs Dumbledore!

I sooooo knew it -- Dumbledore is Gay!

4 People Who Helped Me Come Out

Well, its 'National Coming Out Day' in the U.S. today, (October 11th). I thought I'd share with you, four people who helped me out in my own coming out process.