Featured Music Video: On the Run

This week's featured music video is from indie artist, Aiden James - Watch:

3 Films of Gay Interest to Check Out at TIFF 2010

The 35th Toronto International Film Festival has announced this year's line-up of Galas and Special Presentations which take place September 9 to 19th, 2010. Three films making their World Premiere at the festival that have queer interest (that I've noticed so far) are: Beginners, Yves Saint Laurent - Pierre Berge, L'Amour Fou and Rabbit Hole.

A Glimpse into the Mindset of Narcissistic Heterosexual Men

According to Greek and Roman mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a pool. But how does a narcissist view other people? New research sheds light on how narcissistic heterosexual men view heterosexual women, other heterosexual men, lesbians and gay men.

Video Report: Struggling to Stay Together in America

A gay couple struggles to spend time together in America because of the immigration laws. CNN's Adriana Hauser reports. Oddly enough, CNN felt the need to get NOM's Maggie Gallager's vile input on this issue/story.

Featured Music Vid: Great Enemies

This week's featured music video features some baroque pop from Spencer McGarry Season's Episode 2 - Watch:

Cyndi Lauper: Memphis Blues Was Like Going Back to the Beginning

Elvira Kurt caught up with Cyndi Lauper when she was in Toronto, performing a free concert at Pride. In this video interview, they talk about Lauper's new album, Memphis Blues, why she gives a damn about gays and more.

Apichatpong 'Joe' Weerasethakul on Uncle Boonmee, Filmmaking & Censors

Apichatpong 'Joe' Weerasethakul won the Palm d'Or at the 2010 Festival de Cannes for his film, Lung Boonmee Raluek Chat (Uncle Boonmee who can Recall his Past Lives). The Thai director tells Anjali Rao of CNN's Talk Asia about his big win, filmmaking and facing censors. Watch:

Older Gay & Bi Men Reported Low Use of Illicit Drugs in Men's Health Study

Most men in long-term study of HIV report low use of illicit drugs.

How Sex Abuse and Shaming Can Lead to Health Issues in Gay and Bisexual Men

Childhood sexual abuse and social shaming linked to health issues later for gay and bisexual men.

Mississippi Teen: I Hope Future Sudents At My School Will Be Treated Fairly

Mississippi School Agrees To Revise Policy And Pay $35,000 In Damages To Lesbian Teenager Denied Chance To Attend Prom -- Agreement Marks First School Policy Protecting LGBT Students In Mississippi.

The Violence LGBT Youth Face in Prison

Across the United States, the brutal and dysfunctional juvenile justice system sends queer youth to prison in disproportionate numbers, fails to protect them from violence and discrimination while they're inside and to this day condones attempts to turn them straight. In this video report, Daniel Redman of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and Gabrielle Prisco of the Juvenile Justice Project at the Correctional Association of New York talk to GritTV's Laura Flanders about this issue. Watch:

Featured Music Vid: Rock Hard

This week's featured music video is from Naked Highway's album, Most Hottest -- Watch:

Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach: Real Warriors Don't Care About My Personal Private Life

Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach talks with Rachel Maddow about his personal case fighting dismissal from the Air Force under the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy and shares his views on the steps being taken to repeal the policy.

Slashing Out at Hollywood's Homo-Cidal Maniacs

When Hollywood needs a villain, they always go straight for the gays. Bryan Safi uncovers the terrifying truth of movies of the last 100 years: from "Psycho" and "The Maltese Falcon" to more recent blockbusters like "300" and "Braveheart"--and even Disney film villains like Scar in "The Lion King"--we have all been taught from a very early age to fear the Foppish Menace.

The Complex Relationship Between Homosexuality, Morality & Nature

In this mini-lecture, evolutionary anthropologist Professor Volker Sommer explores the complex relationship between homosexuality, morality and nature. Watch:

State Dept. Helps Ugandan Human Rights Activist Focused on LGBT Advocacy Visit U.S.

Ugandan Human Rights Activist Focuses on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Advocacy in the United States, Visits Washington, D.C., Louisville, and Salt Lake City. Plus: Uganda's Response.

New Pentagon Survey Asks Troops Position on Preferred War Zones

Washington, D.C. (GNB Exclusive) -- The Pentagon began sending out a new survey this week to troops from all branches of America's military services seeking their views on where America's next military action should take place.

Featured Music Vid: The Logical Song

This week's featured music video: Athena Reich covers Roger Hodgson's The Logical Song; the cover song is included in Athena's 5th CD, Little Girl Dreams. Watch:

Video Report: The Pentagon's DADT Survey

In a military first, (but not unexpected development) the Pentagon has begun sending out to 400,000 troops a 100+ question survey seeking their views on gays in the military and the impact of repealing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the American armed forces. CNN Reports:

Featured Music Video: Fire With Fire

This week's featured music video is from Scissor Sisters' new album, Night Work.: