Gay News for Thursday (Mar 31st)

Gay Headlines: Gay Navy man faces DADT discharge; Gay 'delivery' meeting shut down in Australia; Why Gary Remafedi protested to Apple about the Exodus app; Mormon 'Gay Cure' Study Used Electric Shocks; Gay Immigrants on Emotional Roller Coaster over DOMA; Gay nups refused by Dutch officials...

Stephen Harper As Schroeder

Harper Cartoon: Stephen Harper's recent media stop to jam with Maria Aragon inspired this cartoon:

California Not So Golden for Aging LGB Population

Health Report: Older lesbians and gays in California have higher rates of chronic disease, mental distress, isolation than heterosexuals -- California's aging LGB population is set to double in next 20 years.

Wednesday's Gay News (Mar 30th)

Gay Headlines: Gandhi ‘gay lover’ row; Gay Man Beaten in West Village; Gay alliance meeting taken over; Gay-themed film proves surprise box office hit; New Condom Drive in Bangkok; Montana & Gay Sex Ban; Jim Garlow's Bile...

Here We Go Again: Green Party "Arbitrarily" Barred From TV Debate

Canadian Old Boys Club Rules: Green Party Leader Elizabeth May finds out from reporter she's once again barred from participating in national TV debate -- VP of Global TV News Confirms.

Tuesday's Headlines (Mar 29th)

Gay News: Brooklyn G-bash defense a winner; Inquest into the death of Gloucestershire schoolboy; Resignation of Illinois Sheriff Called For; Forrest County deputy reinstated; Ind. Senate gallery closes after pro gay-wed protests; Alberta & Gay Adoptions; Gay Wrestling League FURIOUS; Home Gardening; Game controversial with straight, gay gamers; Aphrodisiacs & Your Sex Life...

American Schools Obsessed With Filtering LGBT Websites

Students Across America Report Censorship Of Educational Web Content As Part Of ACLU's "Don't Filter Me" Project.

Magazine for Gay American Military Members Launched

New Mag for U.S. LBGT Servicemembers Launched -- Next Edition to Appear in Print at Selected Bases.

Monday's Gay News (Mar 28th)

Gay News: Shocking Revelation about Gandhi; Elizabeth Taylor Interview About Her AIDS Advocacy Plus Rememberances of Her...; Guns N' Roses man Duff McKagan Goe's "Road Gay"; Former Brisbane Lion Richard Champion stuns hairdressing audience; Will Swenson to Direct Film of Gay Mormon Play; I'm not a lesbian says drama teacher; Man admits strangling gay lover; Born gay in Afric; 'DADT' Instructions; Vt. governor to talk gay marriage in R.I.; The Bible Defense; Presbyterian minister admits to being wrong about gays....

Friday's Gay News (Mar 25th)

Gay News: Conservative senators stall AIDS drug bill; "Harper's Govt." Falls; Target sues gay group; Colorado State Senate OKs civil unions; UN proposal incenses gay activists; French gay couples condemn discriminatory laws; Gay manager to inheret Liz Taylor's fortune?; Tolkien Reading Day....

Thursday's Gay Headlines (Mar 24th)

Gay News: Prop 8 Appeal; 'Gay Sex Addict' Case Finally in Court; City to pay $400,000 in gay bar raid case; The Extra Hoops Gay Parents Jump Through; Canadian Govt. Gay Refugee Pilot Project Launched; Obama administration calls on UN to support Gay Rights; Gay Priest Settles w/college...

Gay News for Wednesday (Mar 23rd)

Gay News: Edinburgh's gay community fearful; Gay fertility clinic opens in Birmingham; Report: Homophobia widespread in Northern Ireland workplaces; Elizabeth Taylor; 2 Interviews w/Dan Savage; American Catholics & Gay Rights; Apple pulls 'gay cure' app...

Monday's Headlines (Mar 21st)

Gay News, Views & Gossip:

World Poetry Day: Legend by Hart Crane

World Poetry Day Post: The poem, Legend by American poet Harold Hart Crane, (July 21, 1899 – April 27, 1932).

Friday's Gay News (Mar 18th)

Gay News: Ugandan anti-gay bill to be re-visited; Arrests made in gay village stabbing case; Isherwood inspires Matt Smith; Gay Cult Classic Re-Emerges; Senior Telus execs on being gay; The gay sex event that made a Salon editor a prude...

Thursday's Gay News (Mar 17th)

Gay News & Gossip: St. Patrick's Day; Graham Norton Wants a 'Gay Off'; Lady Gaga Gagged in Malaysia; Armistead Maupin Outraged Over Bathroom Slur; Anti-Gay Attack In Williamsburg; Detroiter Punched for being Gay; Newt Gingrich Funnels Money to Anti-gay hate groups; Gay Bahraini Speaks Out; East London's Gay Pride cancelled; Yorkshire Terriers FC's hope...

Sen. Feinstein Introduces DOMA Repeal Legislation

Senator Dianne Feinstein introduces The Respect for Marriage Act on Capitol Hill.

Rep. Jerry Nadler Re-introduces the Respect for Marriage Act

Landmark Legislation to Repeal the Discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is Re-Introduced.

Gay News (Mar 16th)

Gay News & Gossip Headlines: Joe Jonas on Gay Rumors; 'Glee' & TV Inclusiveness; Patrick Wolf Inspired by Love; Ellen DeGeneres' Stalker Released; 5th suspect arrested in Queen's teen hate crime; The Arab World & Hope for LGBT Rights; The poor state of basic glbt human rights in Asian and Pacific nations; Religious Agendas in Iowa; Religion and the Same Sex Marriage Debate...

Gay Travel Headlines (Mar 16th)

Recent Gay Travel News Headlines:

Gay News Headlines (Mar 15th)

Today's Headlines: African churches slam gay rights; Gay life in Pakistan; The "Revamped" Canadian citizenship guide; Eastern Michigan University student who refused to consel gay client supported by AG; GLEE & the Fox filter; Isle of Man Gays get Civil Partnerships; Hundreds protest Indiana's gay marriage ban; St. Lucia Decries Attacks on Gay Tourists...

Gay News Headlines (Mar 14th)

Gay Headlines: Hello Sailor! Coming to Halifax; Actor flooded with TV offeres after gay role; Gay, Irish Independent senator's Pres. Bid; Md. gay marriage delayed; Hollywood same-sex marriage campaign..

Friday's Headlines (Mar 11th)

Gay News: UK Police hunt for conman; gay lovers' tiff led to Heathrow bomb alert; Gay couple hotel appeal withdrawn; R.I. couple’s fight for marriage; DOCTOR Who star's bum ban; AIDS drug bill passes Commons...

Gay Headlines for Thursday (Mar 10th)

Gay Headlines: "Ex-con" who punched bartender at gay bar gets jail time; NZ couple move business after attacks; Gay spouse killed husband in Malden; Victims of predator tell of heartache; Gay students rights enshrined in Edmonton; Midlands Wife shares husband with other men; Kansas Gay sex ban to stay; DOMA Laid Bare; UK Government to encourage gay footballers’; Mr. Gay World prods Philippine gov’t...

Tuesday's Headlines (Mar 8th)

Gay Headlines: Author Jodi Picoult's son comes out; Picoult's 'Sing' & Gay Rights; 4th Person Charged in Gay Dating Related Robberies; Police search for clues in TO murder case; Gay federal appeals nominee still waiting; Toronto's only gay football league; Canadian Gay Curling Championships; PFLAG Canada to launch new help-line...

Gay News (Mar 7th)

Gay News Headlines: Gay lover ran over Ex; St. Lucia Hate Crime; Macon men protest treatment at bar; Michael Stipe Interview; Gay History - "Making 'The Boys'"; Fashion & Hypocricy...; Record numbers of NZ gay & bi's diag with HIV; Changing Nature of West Hollywood; gay man elected NAACP Worcester chief...

Gay Headlines (Mar 4th)

Gay News Headlines: To Be Gay in Soweto; Anti-gay propaganda splits Ugandan churches; American Black Voters & Gay Marriage; Update on Maryland Gay Marriage Bill; Federal politicians in Australia Fear Giving NT more powers may lead to gay marriage; China's gay marriage war; Black Church Leaders & LGBT Community; Gay Priest Controversy in Philadelphia; Aussie Gay man launches $50,000 unfair dismissal claim...

Headlines for Thursday (Mar 3rd)

Gay News Headlines: Ugandan gay killer remanded; Serbian leader on trial; God & Gays at University; Anti-Gay Shirts OK says Judge; anti-gay church ok to protest; Gays & Sports; Masculinity Etc...

Sen. Gillibrand Urges House Gop to Not Spend Taxpayer Money Defending DOMA

Gillibrand To House Gop: Don't Spend Taxpayer Money Defending Unconstitutional DOMA Law

Calif. AG Asks Federal Court to Restore Right of Gay Couples to Marry

Prop. 8 Watch: California, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Asks Federal Court to Immediately Restore the Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry

19th Century Germany Gave Birth to Gay Rights Movement Says History Scholar

Modern understanding of what it means to be & Gay rights movement born in 19th century Germany, History scholar says.

Gay News for Tuesday (Mar 1st)

Gay News Headlines: Friends fear of gay attack in Scotland; Pueblo man's encounter may have led to murder; Anti-gay pastor busted for playing with self in public; John Galliano to be Fired; Suicide Prompts Rutgers to offer Gender neutral housing; Anti-gay Christian couple ‘extremely distressed’; Obit for Openly Gay, Rev.; U.S. Sends Conflicting Signals on legal rights of gays; The View Down Under on sports and gays coming out.