Poem: Because I liked you better

National Poetry Month Post: A. E. Housman's, (March 26, 1859 – April 30, 1936) poem, Because I liked you better, which referred to his "good friend" Moses 'Mo' Jackson.

Obsessed with Male Impersonator Nellie Kolle

Photo Obsession: A 1920s photograph of a Australian vaudeville performer who specialized in male impersonation roles, sparks a minor obsession to find out more about her.

Beautiful: Ted Shawn in Cosmic Dance of Siva

Featured Photo: Ted Shawn (21 October 1891 -- 9 January 1972), notable male pioneer of American modern dance.

St Trinian's 2 is Also Delightful

Late last year when I watched St. Trinian’s I was impatient to see St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold , after all, it had already come out on DVD in Europe. Well, now the sequel is finally available in North America; to a certain extent at least.

Was The FBI Afraid Rock Hudson Might Seduce Their Young Agents?

Gay History File: While going through the FBI’s new Vault, I re-discovered a file that I hadn’t read in awhile – Rock Hudson’s file. In this file the FBI expressed concern with Hudson’s “homosexual tendencies.”

Arrest Made in Interstate Lesbian Custody Case

Kidnapping Case Breakthrough In Long-running Miller-Jenkins Custody Battle As FBI Arrest Man in Connection With Aiding "Ex-lesbian" Lisa Miller, flee U.S. and Keep Daughter from Former Partner.

Shakespeare's Sonnet 26 in Motion

National Poetry Month Post: Motion Graphics Designer Lexi Elven transforms Shakespeare's Sonnet 26 into a flowing work of art:

Thursday's Gay News (Apr 21st)

Gay News & Gossip: Christina Aguilera inducted into Hollywood's Gay Walk of Fame; Courteney Cox Thought David Arquette Had Gay Cruising App; Atlanta-based Law Firm Under Fire; say gay' bill clears TN Senate panel; Soho Pub shuts down again; Brighton hotel accused of turning away lesbian couple...

Wednesday's Gay Headlines (Apr 20th)

Gay Headlines: Rutgers Videospying Suspect Indicted; Ultranationalists jailed for disrupting gay parade; Muslim boys considered effeminate sent to anti-gay counselling camp; Illusionist Derren Brown: I tried to ‘cure’ myself; Vulnerable gay people don't need to be 'cured'; Rome's gay priest scene exposed; $520 per hour to defend gay marriage ban; The Verizon Guy gets his life back...

House Of Representatives Plans To Defend Discriminatory "Defense Of Marriage Act"

House Of Representatives Seeks To Punish 81-year-old Bereaved Spouse & Others by Defending Descriminatory "Defense Of Marriage Act", (DOMA) While Claiming To Protect Taxpayers.

Monday's Gay News (Apr 18th)

Gay News Headlines: Former Marine Killed Gay Prof.; Businessman Killed Dancer; Jesse Jackson denies gay worker’s harassment; 'Gay' Stableboy Groped Her Breasts; HIV prevention takes step back with halt of major trial; European Gay Couples Drawn to Bulgaria; Photo of gay men kissing booted from Facebook; YouTube Pulled Apple employee video for gay kids; Interview with author of Teenage tragicomedy novel; Students Fighting for GSA Refuse to Be Dismissed; Suicide Risk Jumps for Gay Teens in "Unsupportive" Counties; Kobe says he beat up bullies in HS; Daniel Radcliffe Admires Lady Gaga's 'Outspoken' Gay Rights Advocacy....

Gay News for Friday (Apr 15th)

Gay News: Pagans & "Coming Out Theology"; Gay teen beaten by mob at gas station; Hundreds attend kiss-in outside Soho pub; BBC Newsnight worker 'sacked over gay harassment'; Two Men and a Dolly; Siksay's parting wish; Green Party & Gays; Men will turn gay says Indian Minister; Openly Gay Players & the NBA...

GLSEN's Day of Silence Turns 15

GLSEN's Day of Silence to Raise Awareness About Anti-LGBT Bullying at Thousands of Schools on Friday -- 20,000 plus Students Registered to Participate.

Report Exposes The Bullying Advocates

The Bullying Advocates: Report Exposes the Religious Right's Effort to Stop Anti-Bullying Programs in Schools.

Gay Headlines for Thursday (Apr 14th)

Gay News: Gay victim lured into ambush; Domestic Abuse in LGBT relationships; Gay marriage foes want trial tapes returned; Kobe Bryant fined over Gay Slur; Gay couple ejected from Soho pub for kissing; Anti-Gay Adoption Bill Fails in Illinois; Montenegro government throws support behind 1st gay pride event.

Wednesday's Headlines (Apr 13th)

Gay News: Hate crime claim by gay college student was false say officials; Louisiana’s denial to gay dads; Anti-Gay Law in Texas That Just Won't Die; Gay haters target Australian commando regiment; Health & Aging; Cardinal Message To Ricky Martin; Kobe ‘a disgrace’...

Tuesday's Gay Headlines (Apr 12th)

Gay News Headlines: "Social Conservatives" & "New Words" for Gays; Ian McKellen takes gay tour to schools; Malta government's attitude 'reprehensible'; Gay University of North Carolina student assaulted; African gay-rights activists stand strong; A new play about a gay hate crime; Peter Tatchell: 10 year gay blood ban is unjustified...

America Loves To Hate Those Gay Penguins

Of Gay Penguins & Other Nefarious Books: Even though Roy and Silo split up years ago, their story as told in the award-winning children's book, "And Tango Makes Three" has waddled 'its way back to the number one slot as America’s most frequently challenged book.'

An Introduction to the Poetry of Constantine P. Cavafy

National Poetry Month Post: In this brief video, Jason Jenn introduces us to the poetry and world of renowned Alexandria born Greek poet, Constantine P. Cavafy -- Watch:

Gay Headlines for Monday (Apr 11th)

Gay News: Scientists speak out on 'gay caveman' story; Mass. groups cancel Gandhi event; The UK blood ban; NDP platform gives queer shoutout; Donald Trump's Big Gay Problem; Gay Republican group too "aggressive"; Sex Workers File Suit Against Louisiana's "Crime Against Nature" Law; U.S. Male Inmates Sold into Sex Slavery...

Friday's Gay News (Apr 8th)

Gay News: Twice-convicted anti-gay murderer seeks reprieve; Accused inside trader once sued for anti-gay bias; Cross-dressing ninja busted; gay rights group can picket Target; West Australian minister denies making homophobic jibe; Nepal's gay icon champions Gandhi; 50 Cent’s New Pocketbook Values; Chely Wright Is Engaged...

Wednesday's Gay Headlines & Gossip (Apr 6th)

Gay Headlines & Gossip: Cartoon: 'California's broke...; New Zealand Boys' college backs gay, straight students; Sean Hayes to play Larry; Lady Gaga confronts Christian anti-gay protester; Censored gay sex in From Here to Eternity restored; U-M student sues fired assistant Attorney General Shirvell; Yep, Judge Vaughn Walker is gay.

Court Refuses To Hear Green Party's Case to be in National Leaders' Debates

Silencing Debate: Elizabeth May’s Chances of participating in national leaders' debates grow even slimmer.

Tuesday's Gay Headlines (Apr 5th)

Gay News:First Irish public civil partnership services; Dream and Doma; RI Lawmakers Consider Alternatives; Oxnard school shooting case update; Madison Police seek suspect in alleged hate crime; Man sought over 'gay-free zone' poster; California lawmakers fight over gay history; Dustin Lance Black on "Hoover" Film, Obama, Equality; Simon Cowell responds to Elton John's criticism...

Gay News for Monday (Apr 4th)

Gay Headlines: Alleged Attacker Gay Too; Police Raid Shanghai Gay Bar; ">Female high school student wins right to wear tux; High School Gay-Straight Alliance Blasted; Archie Comics plans series for gay character; Massachusetts taps first openly gay member for top court; Devolution and equalities; Canadian Singles, gays, women punished by income splitting; Using Bible to Bash Gays Is Blasphemous; Musing on Jesus as an openly gay man...

A Few Poems for National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month Post: April is National Poetry Month in America and in Canada. Here's a few poetry posts I've done in the past:

LGBT Health Data Lacking Suggests New Report

Researchers Need to Engage Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender Populations in Health Studies.